Senior Management Team


Headteacher:  Kate Varona

Depute Headteacher: Fionnuala Hamill

Principal Teacher:  Sandra Ali

Business Manager: Krzysztof Ciesielka

School Administrator: Carole Green

Our Class Teams

We have 6 classes at Prospect Bank and they are all composite classes.

ChestnutChestnut Class Team

Val (Class Teacher),

                Alison (Nursery Nurse),

                Emma (Pupil Support Assistant),

               Pauline (Pupil Support Assistant)

               Emma and Laura (Part Time Pupil Support Assistants)


  Oak Class TeamOak

                  Kathryn (Class Teacher),

                Caroline (Nursery Nurse),

                               Lisa (Pupil Support Assistant),

                               Jo (Pupil Support Assistant)


                 Pine Class Team

 pineclass    Wendy (Class Teacher)

                           Lauren (Nursery Nurse)

                          Karen (Pupil Support Assistant),

                          Claire (Pupil Support Assistant)


beechBeech Class Team

Steph (Class Teacher),

Karen (Pupil Support Assistant),

                Siobhan (Pupil Support Assistant),

                Kamila (Pupil Support Assistant)


rowanRowan Class Team 

Sandra (Class Teacher & Principal Teacher)

Susan (Nursery Nurse),

                 Brenda (Pupil Support Assistant)

                 Sue  (Pupil Support Assistant)


Willow Class Team

Kiki (Class Teacher),

                Emma  (Pupil Support Assistant),

                Wai- Mun (Pupil Support Assistant)

               Victoria (Pupil Support Assistant)


Our P.E Specialist is Lindsay

Our Support teacher is John

Our additional support staff are Aggie and Mags

Our School Cooks are Heather and Sheila.

Our Janitor is Stevie.

Our Bus Driver is Mick.