Our school

Prospect Bank School aims and rationale

School Rationale

Our children have complex, long-term additional support needs which are primarily associated with having a learning disability and other complex needs. These additional support needs impact on their ability to develop skills for learning, life and work.

We want our children to be as independent and included in society as they can be and our curriculum, teaching approaches and environment are adapted to enable this.

We build a consultative approach with parents, partner services and the local community and we value this as it enables us to provide a curriculum that is meaningful, breaks down the barriers to learning and continue to develop our inclusive society.

We want our children to feel valued and continue to experience achievement and success now and in  their future lives and enjoy the rewards this brings them and their families.

Our curriculum has a clear rationale based on shared values and mutual respect. It is designed to promote challenge, enjoyment, breadth and depth, progression, relevance, coherence, personalisation and choice in learning for all pupils.

This reflects the values and principals of the Convention on Rights of the Child (CRC).