Prospect Bank is a very Eco School!

ecoWe were delighted to be awarded our Eco Schools flag again last week. All the classes have been involved in different activities over the past 2 years. Our key goals are:
• To encourage our pupils to be aware of their school environment/school grounds and local area & share responsibility for keeping these areas tidy.
• To ensure we are a waste aware school with opportunities/places for recycling paper/plastic/cardboard/clothing
• To maintain harvest fruit trees/maintain planters at the front area of the school.
Our Eco board shows some of the activities undertaken through out the year.

Sensory Scientists!

Beech, Rowan and Willow class have been doing Science and Technology lessons with Steph. This term we have been learning all about the internal parts of the body. So far we have learned all about the skeleton, our lungs, our brain and how germs affect our bodies. For Halloween we will be making blood sensory bottles!
We made our own blow up lungs and slime for snot!! This was so much fun!!
The children have really enjoyed working in very small groups and enjoy all the hands on activities we have been doing. Next term we will be looking at extreme weathers and doing lots of fun experiments.