School updates

Drake music Earth day project!

Some pupils at Prospect Bank worked with Drake music prior to schools closing on a project all about Earth day! Our learners had loads of fun working with Drake Music! Drake have been able to share the finished project with us which we are very proud to share with you here ->


There are hundreds of resources now on the drake music website, and more coming in every day, which you can find here ->

Some of our sports day champions!

We are very proud of all our learners and are excited to show you some of our superstars very hard sports day work! Seeing our learners having such a lovely time made all the prospect bank grown ups even more happy and proud of you all.

First of all this superstar had a go at all of the challenges, and added some of her own! Fantastic work! and a super well done to her superstars at home for making such a lovely video too!

This next superstar climbed all the way to the top of Arthur’s seat with mum!! Phew, that must have been hard work, but definitely worth it for this lovely photograph!


This next superstar totally smashed all of these challenges (but not his egg!) and makes the sack race look easy! Good work! How many goals did he score? Loads! Well done you!

And this superstar did loads of challenges at home with help from his family, but this is my favourite one – not just any goal but a three-legged goal! Good team work boys! You did a better job than Emma M and Mags in the grown up’s video!

Thank you so much for sharing your sports day activities with us! Keep them coming, they really make us all smile. 🙂