Great resources for story massages!

Story massage is a lovely way to tell stories.  As well as promoting a sense of calm, there is also a bonding experience between listener and story teller.  Here are some online resources explaining what story massage is and how you can try this at home with your child, plus demonstrations of stories in action.

Below is a link to the Story Massage blog with links to online materials and ideas.

Lot’s of videos showing story massage at work.  The first video is a great place to start as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is demonstrated on a teddy bear.



Scottish story telling centre multi sensory stories!

Ailie and Marie Louise from the Scottish story telling centre have been telling multi sensory stories which can be viewed on YouTube here:

There are further sessions on Sat 23, 30 May and 6 June with information on their social media channels and the web listing below.

We hope these are useful to you! 🙂