Broader Horizons School Sudan update

We are continuing to support the children and staff of the Broader Horizons school. After the very successful shipment of resources last summer we have continued to raise money with the Rag bag donations since returning to school in August. We had raised just over £200 in December and as Mrs Ali’s Husband Akram was going to visit his family in January he took the donation to present to the school. The head teacher Mrs Iklas was delighted to receive the money. This is equivalent to a months salary for a teacher so it will help support the school further. Akram visited the school on Monday 5th February. He was welcomed by the whole school, children and staff. The pupils put on a show  for him and were singing and dancing for and with him, you will see him on the end of the video (in a navy top, jeans and red trainers) dancing with one of the children. Some photos of the whole event also included. We will continue to support the school through out the rest of the year.

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