Gambado Autism,Special Educational Needs & Disability Friendly Sessions.

A note from Gambado:

“I just wanted to let you know about our Christmas Party for children with Autism and Special Educational Needs & Disabilities at Gambado.

Gambado offers children the chance to play, learn, run free and explore in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Our indoor adventure & soft play venue has been superbly designed to cater for children ages 0-12. Our venues are packed full of variety and innovation to ensure no two trips are the same. Our play areas for toddlers and pre-school are designed to be stimulating and to inspire young minds. We have sensory zones and play equipment that create a calming and relaxing multi sensory environment.

Here at Gambado we’ve created soft play sessions dedicated to children with Autism and Special Educational Needs & Disabilities. We close our centre to the general public and aim to promote a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Our team members are dedicated to understanding each individual’s needs and will provide parents and carers with support on site to help organise their visits.

On Tuesday 20th December we are having a Christmas Jumper Party and we thought we’d let you know. The party will include unlimited use of our huge play frame, massive slides, carousel and climbing wall.”

Find out more here:


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