Further Information about positive pathways training sessions..

Training Sessions: (2016 and 2017)

Initial Training consists of two half-day training sessions in positive behaviour support for family carers, which will be held in a number of locations all around Scotland.

These sessions will provide you with practical support and advice that you can use right away back in the family home. You will also have the opportunity to hear from other family carers in a supportive and relaxed atmosphere.

1:1 Sessions

There will be the opportunity to apply for 1:1 sessions with a behavioural specialist. These will be held locally out with the family home, and there will be two 1:1 sessions and four follow up consultation phone calls. These will focus on;

  • Providing practical support and guidance in using positive behaviour support approaches
  • Problem solving around difficulties that you and your family are facing
  • Feedback regarding new ideas and providing further advice.

Topics include:

  • An introduction to Positive Behaviour Support
  • Exploring reasons for behaviours that challenge
  • Sensory differences in autism
  • Communication and understanding
  • Social Stories and social scripting
  • Strategies for managing difficult times

This training will be led by Laura Andrew a behavioural specialist from the Richmond Fellowship Scotland’s Positive behaviour Support Team. Booking starts now. Get in touch for an application form to confirm a place as places are limited!

Contact Laura andrew on Email: pps@trfs.org.uk

Tel:0845 013 6365

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