Our 5th EcoSchools Green Flag…. and apple crumble!

We are delighted to share with you that we have been awarded our 5th EcoSchools Green Flag. Here is an extract from the assessment report


It has been an absolute pleasure to read and assess Prospect Bank School’s Green Flag Application. It is clear that Eco-Schools is fully embedded in the ethos and planning at the school and that the pupils are enthusiastic and engaged with all the activities and projects that the whole school undertakes. The success of your visits to the allotment and ‘Secret Garden’ is very pleasing and it’s great to hear this reflected in the pupils Learning Journals. It was lovely to hear about the ‘Neighbours Near and Far’ events, the links with your local community are obviously excellent but we wish to particularly commend the whole school on their link with ‘Broader Horizons’ in Sudan. The efforts to raise funds and awareness is inspirational and everyone involved should be very proud of each other, truly Global Citizens. We are delighted to be able to renew Prospect Bank School’s Green Flag status, congratulations to everyone, we look forward to hearing about your future activities and projects as you continue your Eco-Schools journey


So to celebrate, we had some delicious apple crumble for snack today, made with our very

own apples from our very own apple tree!

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